Accelerate Your Expansion

Work with Avani 1:1 to release old wounds and patterns of self doubt, low self worth, self sabotage to step into a new future of being someone who creates life on her own terms with money, relationships & your purpose

Power Week

7-day 1:1 experience including a Private healing session, 1 week of whatsapp after & an integration session.

Best way to get yourself unstuck with 1-2 issues that are blocking you, but you have no idea what they are & how to release them.

Sex, Money, Rock N Roll

The Podcast

Welcome to Sex, Money, Rock 'N' Roll, brought to you by your hosts Avani and Wouter Shahlenis, energy healers & sensuality experts together with over 20 years of experience. They are on a mission to create power couples that thrive and live out their wildest dreams.

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Upcoming & Past Events

Live Healings & Masterclasses will be posted here. These are great if you're new to my world & want a taste of the magic!

Free Meditations

Get Access to Avani's Body Meditation & Healing recorded with Sound Bowls.

Body is the Source of all creation and manifestation. This healing meditation will help clear out resentments & regrets you might still have with your body, helping you fall in love with your body & trust it to be your partner

Do You Feel Ready to to Take ACTION &

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